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hereafter called IOSH,


2beGROUP s.r.o.
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hereafter called 2beGROUP,

operate the Internet site located at

They act as intermediary between the customer and the respective sports shop. Apart from procuring winter sports equipment for skiing and/or snowboarding, the following additional services are arranged:
cumulative assumption of risks (SNOWGUARANTEE) in the event of damage, breakage or theft of leased equipment and ALPINSAFETY, a personal insurance

Table of contents

  1. Terms and Conditions Covering Promotion Activities and Purchase of Vouchers

    1. 2beGROUP will act exclusively as intermediary via the Internet site 2beGROUP itself does not rent out winter sports equipment. If winter sports equipment is booked, the contract will only be between the booking customer and the respective provider (winter sports equipment rental shop). 2beGROUP acts in the name and on behalf of the respective provider. The following terms therefore apply exclusively to the intermediary's services and do not have any effect on the terms under which the arranged contracts will be concluded.

    2. Provider (winter sports equipment rental shop)

      2beGROUP offers a wide range of winter sports equipment rental shops via the Internet site These shops are either shops that are members of an association such as Intersport, Sport 2000, Twinner, Swissrentasport, Rentandgo Italia, Skimium or Skiset, or independent local providers.

    3. Services by 2beGROUP

      By giving personal information and completing the booking process, the customer contracts 2beGROUP to arrange one of the contracts referred to under a.)The booking is binding on the customer. 2beGROUP's contractual obligation is limited to the arrangement of the contract requested by the customer.

    4. The online price

      The prices for the hire of the equipment and additional products appear in the third section of the booking procedure. The booking procedure can be cancelled at any time at this stage. Prices are determined by the providers. Regional price fluctuations are therefore possible; 2beGROUP has no influence on them. Prices include all taxes and dues applicable at the time of booking.

      Prices are debited in the currency chosen by the customer. The following currencies are offered: EUR, CHF, GBP and USD. Debit entries in USD, CHF or GBP are calculated at the daily exchange rate. IOSH accepts no liability for the correctness of the exchange rate. Any bank charges and exchange rate fluctuations occurring before the time of the debit entry shall be exclusively borne by the customer.

      2beGROUP will charge an additional handling fee of between €1.- and €5.-. Fee levels depend on the amount charged for the reservation, as follows:

      • €1.- for reservations up to and including €30.-
      • €1.50 for reservations between €30.01 and €50.-
      • €2.- for reservations between €50.01 and €100.-
      • €2.50 for reservations between €100.01 and €150.-
      • €3.- for reservations between €150.01 and €200.-
      • €3.50 for reservations between €200.01 and €250.-
      • €4.- for reservations between €250.01 and €300.-
      • €4.50 for reservations between €300.01 and €350.-
      • €5.- for reservations over €350.-

      The handling fee will not be reimbursed if the reservation is cancelled.

    5. Payment

      The online price can be paid by the following means of payment: Visa, Mastercard, Paypal or debit - depending on the country - by direct debit, electronic debit advice procedure, i-Deal, Maestro and EPS.

      The full amount must always paid online, i.e. the whole amount becomes immediately due for payment.

      In the event of later additional bookings by the customer, 2beGROUP shall be entitled to collect the higher amount arising from the later additional booking and/or to debit the credit account of the customer accordingly.

    6. Booking confirmation (voucher)

      By completing the booking process, the customer confirms the correctness of the personal data entered by him. The booking made by the customer shall be deemed accepted only upon receipt of a voucher from 2beGROUP.

      The customer undertakes to immediately check the voucher received as to its correctness. Any deviations of the booking confirmation from the booking must be immediately notified to 2beGROUP.

    7. Terms of cancellation

      A booking may be cancelled in writing pursuant to the following conditions:

      • Ski-rental services and additional products:
      • If a booking is cancelled until ten working days before the first rental day, a cancellation fee of 15% of the booked equipment and/or service will be retained.
      • If a booking is cancelled until nine to three working days before the first rental day, a cancellation fee of 25% of the booked equipment and/or service will be retained.
      • If a booking is cancelled until two or one working day before the first rental day, a cancellation fee of 35% of the booked equipment and/or service will be retained.

      Cancellation with effect from the first booking day:
      2beGROUP does not reimburse any amounts paid by the customer if the customer is in default as regards acceptance of the booked equipment or service. The applies if the customer waives performance of the contract at an early stage (return of rented equipment before expiry of the rental period). In case of sickness or accident, the customer may cancel the contract upon submission of a medical certificate and will be reimbursed the paid rental price on a pro rata basis. Any other arrangements between the provider and the customer shall remain unaffected thereby.

    8. Special ski rental provisions

      1. Collection and return of equipment

        The customer shall present an official form of identification (e.g. passport, personal identification card or driver's licence) as well as his voucher and agrees that a copy is made of this document. The equipment may be picked up in the respective rental shop from 4:30 p.m. in France and from 3:30 p.m. in the other countries of the day before the first rental day (except for 1 and 2 daily bookings for skiing at night). The equipment must be returned on the last day of the rental period before the respective rental shop closes. The customer must inform himself about shop closing times. If the equipment is used for longer than the rental period booked or paid, the difference between the actual rental period and the rental period booked or paid will be charged in accordance with the standard local rental conditions and must be paid directly in the local rental shop. If the rented equipment or parts thereof are not returned in due time, the customer will be charged an additional fee. The rented equipment must be returned in a proper condition.

    9. Exchange of equipment

      Booked equipment may be exchanged for equipment of a higher category before the first rental day by analogy with these Terms and Conditions, 2beGROUP in that case being entitled to charge an additional amount for the rebooking. An exchange of booked equipment for equipment of a higher category on the first rental day or afterwards is only possible in accordance with the terms and conditions of the rental shop. In the event of an exchange of equipment for equipment of a lower category, 2beGROUP will not refund any amounts paid. Any agreements to the contrary between the provider and the customer shall remain unaffected thereby.

    10. Use

      The customer is fully responsible for rented equipment and shall handle it with care. If the equipment is defective already upon its rental, the customer may request its replacement. If replacement is not possible, either party may withdraw from the contract. It is not permitted to pass on the equipment to third parties. 2beGROUP draws the customer's attention to the risks in connection with the ski binding adjustment when exchanging skis without authorisation. The customer must ensure that the equipment is kept in safe custody. This means that confusion or theft is avoided. The rented equipment is not insured. In the case of breakage, damage or theft, the customer shall therefore be liable to the provider for the costs of repair and/or the market value of the equipment, unless assumption of liability by 2beGROUP has been agreed upon.

    11. Jurisdiction

      All legal disputes arising between the parties in connection with or related to online bookings at shall be exclusively settled under Slovak law. The court having subject matter jurisdiction for Bratislava/Slovakia shall have jurisdiction to settle any such disputes.

  2. Partial Cancellation – SNOWFLEX option (does not apply to the purchase of vouchers)

    IOSH offers cancellation protection to its customers. This service can be accepted at the time of the reservation for an amount equal to 5% of the total reservation price. Cancellation coverage can only be obtained at the time the main reservation contract is entered into. The premium must be paid in advance and will be settled at the time the reservation or reservation deposit is paid. In the event this cancellation coverage is purchased and the customer cancels the reservation, IOSH shall assume the obligation to ensure that IOSH will return the entire paid or deposited reservation price. Transaction and other processing fees will not be returned or compensated and are not covered.

  3. Guarantee for damage, breakage, or theft of rental equipment - SNOWGUARANTEE

    The following terms and conditions apply if the customer accepts the SNOWGUARANTEE option offered by our partner company International Online Ski Hire s.r.o.:

    1. Object of the Contract

      The reservation agreement is entered into directly by and between the customer and the rental or leasing shop. The customer assumes liability for damages or theft and thus indemnifies the rental or leasing shop. The object of the contract is the assumption of a guarantee by IOSH (SNOWGUARANTEE) so that in the event the rented equipment is damaged or stolen the customer does not suffer any or, according to the following conditions, only a reduced financial loss.

    2. Services provided by IOSH

      When the data is filled out in the entry fields and reservation process completed, IOSH assumes the obligation to ensure that, in the case that the rented equipment is damaged or stolen, the customer shall not be charged with any replacement costs in the amount of up to the current value of the material for each event of damage or, in the case that costs arise, these costs shall be compensated. EUR 250,-- for children's equipment and EUR 450,-- for adult's equipment shall be deemed to be agreed as maximum amount.

      Replacement costs for any damaged or stolen equipment which exceed these equipment values shall be borne by the customer, as the case may be.

      IOSH shall have the right to choose the means to comply with this guarantee obligation.

    3. Customer's Notice of Damage

      The customer must notify IOSH immediately of any damages. The notice of damages or loss must include the reference number for the reservation, the customer's and the rental or leasing shop's name and address, the location where the damage or theft took place, a description of how the incident happened, a description of the equipment, and a police report duly filed with the local police authority having prosecutorial jurisdiction over the matter and/or a confirmation by the rental or leasing shop of the damage and the names and addresses of any witnesses.

    4. Release from Performance

      Where it has not received a notice of claim, IOSH will not be obligated to provide indemnification.

      The amount of coverage (SNOWGUARANTEE) provided by IOSH is only related to the equipment listed in the reservation confirmation and exclusively to the reservation period. IOSH will not be liable nor does it grant indemnification under the coverage provided if the customer extends the rental contract directly at the rental shop and damage or theft occurs during the extended period. If the customer reserves equipment of a better quality directly in the rental shop, then IOSH will only indemnify for the amount which it would have been liable for had the originally agreed-to rented equipment been damaged or stolen. The customer will assume any difference.

    5. Settlement directly at the Rental Shop

      The customer will not bear any liability where IOSH is able to directly resolve the matter with the rental shop prior to the customer's payment and where IOSH directly compensates the rental shop for the damages.

    6. Liability damage waiver

      IOSH is not liable for damages arising from or related to the improper use of the sport equipment. In particular, IOSH assumes no liability and grants no indemnification for any injuries or damages to the customer's or any third party's person or property. In addition, IOSH assumes liability and grants indemnification only when the sports equipment is damaged while being used by the customer and not if the customer allows third parties to use the equipment.

      We deem the customer's personal adjustment of the equipment bindings and/or fixtures to be improper equipment usage. In addition, IOSH will assume no liability and grant no indemnification for any wear and tear arising from the ordinary and regular use of the equipment. Therefore, we provide no coverage for improvement of surfaces, wax applications, or for sharpening ski edges.

    7. Costs

      IOSH will charge a fee for the assumption of the guarantee (SNOWGUARANTEE) of 15% of the total reservation amount for the reserved equipment. The fee must be paid in advance and is settled at the time of the payment or down payment of the reservation.
      If the customer does not decide to purchase SNOWGUARANTEE until after the reservation is made, then the amount can be paid later but in any case no later than two days before the date of rental.

    8. Court of Jurisdiction

      Any dispute arising from or relating to the insurance coverage (SNOWGUARANTEE) is subject to and governed exclusively by the laws of the Slovak Republic. Venue and substantive jurisdiction lies in the applicable court of Bratislava.

  4. ALPINSAFETY Personal injury insurance

    The client can combine and pay the insurance direct with the online ski rental booking. ALPINSAFETY covers the search and rescue costs and transport costs to the nearest hospital (also air emergency) in case of an accident. You will find further information on ALPINSAFETY here.


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